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Welcome to My Blog!


Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome!  I decided to start this blog, Mickey Pops Monorail Socks, so I can discuss all things Disney with others!  This site will be a fun, safe place for anyone to come and talk all things Disney.  We will discuss movies, characters, and the most magical place on Earth Disney World!  Let’s get started!

In a few short months my family and I will be making our annual trip to Disney World!  My husband and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon and loved it so much we decided to make it an annual summer trip with our family.  While our family has grown, so have our experiences and we can’t wait to try something new every trip.  We save all year just so we can give our kids (really ourselves) the most magical vacation ever.  It’s always so much fun planning for our trip that I thought my very first post will be just about that so here it goes!


So you are thinking about going to Disney World on vacation, where do you start?  Do you go to a travel agent?  Just wing it?  Research the web?  We’ve done all 3 and had great vacations almost every time so here are some tips:

Travel agent:

When we decided to go to Disney World on our honeymoon almost 13 years ago we had no idea where to begin.  We went online to research our trip and found all of the info very overwhelming.  We decide to go to a travel agent to book our trip and it was so wonderful!  Our agent had recently been to DW the month before and had great up to date info.  She found us the best deals and told us all of her tips and tricks.  We had the best time and were so happy we went to an agent.

Just wing it:

After we went to DW on our honeymoon we decided to wait about 8 years in between trips.  We started our family and had 2 awesome kids and I was not about to drive/take a long flight to Florida with babies so we waited until our youngest was almost out of diapers to go again.  We thought “we know DW, lets just wing it, I’m sure it will be fine”  Spoiler alert: it wasn’t fine..we wandered around the parks with only dinner reservations and no plan, we were exhausted and decided right then we will never do that again.  Next time we go in with a plan!

Research the web:

For our last 2 trips to DW we decided to become expert planners.  We didn’t want to make the same mistakes we made when we went without a plan.  We decided on a date for our trip and started planning right away.  We researched the whole trip, from the hotels to the restaurants, the rides to character experiences to find out what was best for us.  It did take a long time but it made our trips so much better.  We started watching YouTube videos of different vloggers (people who post videos) and found some of our best tips from them!  Plus living in the Northeast of the US watching the vloggers going on rides in the middle of winter in Florida got us even more excited.  We did even more research on sites like Pintrest and bloggers websites where we gained even more insight.  We found some great restaurants, learned about the perks of staying Club Level* more on this in a later post…and learned of  some great hidden places to see the fireworks!

All in all it takes a lot of time to plan a trip to Disney World, but I absolutely love it!  So join me on this adventure, I will try to update weekly until out trip this summer!  Have a magical day!

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