8 Useful Items To Bring To Disney World That Will Make Your Trip So Much Better!

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8 Useful Items To Bring To Disney World That Will Make Your Trip So Much Better!

Going on vacation can be so much fun, but planning and packing for your trip can be a lot of work. I have often gotten to my destination and thought “I should have brought…I can’t believe I forgot…” This post will cover some of the more unique items that you may not have thought to bring on your trip to Disney but could make all the difference to you and your family..and maybe even your sanity!

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White noise maker: I love going to Disney and staying on property but the hotels can be a very busy place. With extra magic hours until the wee hours of the night and early risers just itching to get to rope drop and early character breakfasts my family’s sleep schedule is often disrupted. We invested in a travel size white noise maker a few years back and it has greatly improved our quality of sleep while on vacation. We no longer hear people running past our room at 1 a.m. or are woken up by hair dryers at 5 a.m.! Below is a great travel size option that won’t take up much room in you suitcase.

Folding Sunglasses/Eyeglass chains: The sun in Florida is bright…really bright and I make all of my family wear sunglasses. As an optician I have seen the damaging effects of the sun first hand. Not protecting your eyes properly can have many damaging long-term effects including wrinkles, cataracts and skin cancer. That being said please protect your eyes! There are tons of awesome sunglass options out there even if you wear prescription glasses. Want to protect your eyes from glare? Get polarized lenses. Want to people watch without anyone knowing? Get lenses with a mirror finish. Want to not lose them? Get a chain to put on your glasses or get ones that you can fold up and put in your pocket/backpack. Don’t wait to get them in the parks, the options are often limited and can’t be fitted properly. Buy them before and ask your eye care professional if they can be fitted for you, it will make all the difference! After all you don’t want to lose them looking over the side of the ferry on your way into the Magic Kingdom!

Scissors: Many times I’ve bought things for my kids in the parks that have wrapping that is just impossible to open. Toys, snacks, you name it..it’s wrapped in plastic. So many times in my hotel room I’ve made my husband pull tags off new t-shirts with his teeth. We finally got wise and started bringing a small pair of scissors in our luggage. It has been a lifesaver! We don’t bring scissors into the parks, I’m not sure of their policy on that but on quite a few occasions I was glad that I had brought them in our room.

Pre-cut moleskin strips: It’s a given…no matter what Disney park you go to you will be walking a lot. We try to take breaks often and go back to the resort in the middle of the day to frolic in the pool but we still can clock in 5-8 miles a day…sometimes even more! For my brother-in-law who has Downs Syndrome, a Disney vacation is always the best/worst week in his life. He never complains and says he needs a break or that his feet hurt. On our first trip after spending the whole day in Magic Kingdom we realized he had blisters on both feet. We discovered moleskin and now bring a bunch of pre-cut strips with us into the park. It prevents his blisters from starting in the first place but if one does pop up I’ve got a strip ready to go!

Sweatshirts/sweatpants: We love Florida, being from the Northeast we love the warmth, palm trees and can deal with the sudden downpours that seem to happen every day. Even the humidity is somewhat bearable for a few days, but what we can’t stand is being cold. We had a late dinner scheduled on one of our trips a few years back at La Hacienda de San Angel after a long day in the 90 degree heat in Epcot. About 3 hours before our dinner after leaving The American Adventure it started to rain…and rain…and rain. This wasn’t a quick Florida storm, it poured for over an hour! We finally left the American Pavillion covered in our ponchos but still got soaking wet. We made our way to Mexico, got some drinks and rode The Grand Fiesta Tour until it was time for our reservation. It was 90 degrees outside and humid and inside we were freezing! I didn’t bring anything warm for us to put on, after all it was Florida in July! We had to break down and buy sweatshirts for my daughter and I so we didn’t freeze during dinner. We could have avoided that extra expense by throwing a few light sweatshirts in our bag! Quite a few times on our last trip we had to run for cover out of the pool when thunderstorms hit and decided to explore our hotel because our room was being cleaned. We stayed at the Polynesian Club Level and decided to wait out the rain at the King Kamehameha Club but it was so cold inside! I was so happy I thought to bring a pair of sweatpants to throw on while we waited, I wore them more than I thought I would. They are now a must have essential item for me.

Chewable medicine/thermometer: I know packing medicine and other first aid essentials for you and your family seems obvious but many people do forget. A few years back my then 10 year old son said he didn’t feel well right as we got in line to meet Chewbacca, 10a.m. on the 3rd day of our trip. We thought he maybe was just a bit dehydrated or all of the junk food we were eating was finally getting to him so we went back to the hotel and had a pool day. After giving him some fluids and crackers he said he felt better so we let him go swimming. A few hours later he got out of the pool and proceeded to get sick all over the pool deck. Needless to say we brought nothing along with us for this and were completely unprepared, after all we were on vacation in Disney World and no one gets sick on vacation! Yeah..lesson learned. We had to buy a thermometer and medicine which was pretty expensive. Now I pack chewable kids medicine that is easy to carry in my park bag or even throw in my pocket. We still have that thermometer and bring it with us and have had to use it on many trips. We also carry some chewable Pepto just incase. You never know what might come in handy!


Air freshener/wrinkle release spray: Sharing a hotel room for 7 days with 4 other people can get…ripe. Often hotel rooms only have 1 bathroom and windows that probably don’t open so getting a breath of fresh air is not really a possibility. We have been bringing a small can of travel size air freshener with us the last few trips and it has been a game changer. Another thing we started packing to take with us is a travel size wrinkle release spray for our clothes. After cramming all of our clothes into our small travel size suitcases they are often so wrinkled even putting them in the bathroom and starting a hot shower isn’t enough to get those stubborn wrinkles out. I don’t have the patience to iron the clothes of 5 people while I’m on vacation but after a few quick sprays of this magic spray and a bit of heat from the in room hairdryer and the wrinkles disappear! So easy to do and takes so much less time than ironing!

In sink detergent/dryer sheets: I hate doing laundry on vacation. It takes time away from the parks, it can be expensive and if you don’t check everyone’s pockets for crayons you might end up with tie dye clothes for half of your trip. (True story) Having the option to wash just one or two small items in the sink in your room at the end of the day is so convenient. Even if I don’t need to wash anything, the small packets take up very little room in the suitcase. I’ve never regretted packing them. Another item I bring that takes up no space at all is dryer sheets. We don’t use them in the dryer, after all I don’t do laundry on vacation remember! I pack them in between our clothes to keep them smelling fresh. We put some in our shoes at night to also keep them smelling fresh and when we pack to go home I stick them in with the dirty laundry to…you get it..keep it smelling fresh.


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I hope you find these tips useful! If you have any other unique items you like to bring on vacation to Disney World leave them in the comments below!


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