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What is the Perfect Bag to Bring to a Disney Park for You?

Whether you are getting ready to take your very first trip to Walt Disney World or your fiftieth an essential part of having a prosperous day at the happiest place on earth is being well prepared! Those die hard fans who have been to Walt Disney World before usually have very strong opinions on what kind of bag to bring into the parks. Just don’t forget you’ll have to go through the bag check line at security before entering each park. Hopefully this post will help you decide what type of bag is best for you and your family’s needs so you can have the most magical day!

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Kid Sized Backpack: When we travel to Disney World we don’t usually travel lightly. I am a mom of 2 kids and like many moms I like to be prepared wherever I go. Everyone who knows me knows I am a planner and I like to be prepared for anything. I hate having to buy something when I am on vacation that I could have easily purchased and brought with me. The first time we went to Disney World as a family my youngest was still in diapers. Every parent knows you can’t just throw a few diapers into your bag and call it a day. You need to bring wipes, diaper rash cream, the list is endless of things you need when you have little Minnie’s and Mickey’s. We carried a bag very similar to the one below, it was just the right size and fit everything we needed like diapers and rain ponchos, with room to spare for souvenirs!

Standard Size Backpack: Some Disney World fans will tell you the only way to get through an entire day at Disney World is to invest in a very well made, durable and large backpack big enough to fit anything you possibly will need while you are in the parks. These are the people who are carrying everything, right down to extra shoes just in case it downpours. If that is you, below are some wonderfully large and durable options from Jansport and bonus…they are Disney themed!

Sackpack: A very popular type of bag these days, especially with kids is the sackpack. They are light, inexpensive, and can carry quite a load. These are often a great option to take to the pool or to carry some snacks but can get quite heavy with just a few items inside. Below are a few options anyone can carry!


Sling Backpack: My kids are a bit older now and we don’t need to carry as much “stuff” with us into the parks as we used to. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to get himself a super cool fannie pack like what I’ve been using in the parks lately, but he just doesn’t want to be super cool I guess. He decided that he would give a small sling backpack a try. Below are some great options that are small enough to be carried by kids, yet not too small they can still hold comfortably a few essentials that you may need.


Waist Pack: We have been going to Disney World almost every year for vacation in the summer since 2013. Over the years my husband has always been the one to carry the bag for our family. Disney World in the summer can get hot, really really hot, the humidity is out of this world and it does rain almost every day. While I love to pack our park bag I absolutely despise carrying it. I hate how heavy it can get and how you have to take it off and put it by your feet when on a ride. Last year, despite my family’s objection, I decided to purchase my very first waist pack (fanny pack if you’re really cool like me) and it was a game changer for me. Usually most women’s shorts don’t have deep enough pockets to carry your wallet, let alone your phone, and I wanted something really small just to carry the most basic essentials. I purchased the style below and I take it everywhere with me! It is big enough to carry my wallet, cell phone, and my glasses case, things I need quick access to often. I never had to take it off on any ride and never had to bother my husband for my phone or glasses case! It was so lightweight, I barely knew it was there, so think about it, it may just be your perfect Disney World park bag too!


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Every family’s vacation needs are different and what may work great for you and your family may not work so well for another. I like to rock a fanny pack even though it embarrasses my family while someone else may want to carry a huge Mickey Mouse backpack that holds everything but the kitchen sink. Find what works best for you and don’t forget you are on vacation and having fun! Just don’t forget to pack some sunscreen!


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