Rose Gold Ears Headband

Millennial Pink and Rose Gold are Taking Disney By Storm!

Last year Disney launched a new super cute line of ears and spirit wear in the parks. Rose gold is one of the hottest colors right now and is popular with both kids and kids at heart. First launched in late 2017 rose gold ears were an instant hit and seemed to be impossible to find in the parks. Soon rose gold was everywhere as Disney introduced jewelry, spirit wear, and even tasty cupcakes that look too cute to eat!

*All of the following images photo credit Disney

Rose Gold Ears Headband

Rose Gold Earrings

Rose Gold Spirit Wear

Rose gold ears headband inspired cupcakes, only found in Disney parks

Inspired by this success Disney announced that starting in early April 2018 millennial pink merchandise would be its next big launch. Guests will now be able to get their hands on new ears, spirit wear and even a millennial pink MagicBand 2!

Millennial Pink Ears

Millennial Pink Spirit Wear

Millennial Pink MagicBand 2

Some of these items may only be available at the parks in Disneyland and Disney World. The spirit jerseys may soon be available online and some of the jewelry can be purchased online at

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