Choza De Margarita - Lime Cucumber

Disney Delish: Choza de Margarita!

Epcot - Choza de Margarita
Image by Disney

The Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT always has much to see, eat, and drink!  This is always our first stop around the World Showcase to pick up some great food and drinks.  Last summer we saw that there was construction going on to build a brand new walk up counter just outside of the Mayan pyramid.  Specializing in small bites and hand crafted margaritas, Choza de Margarita opened November 2017 and is another great addition to the already wonderful food and drinks offered in this pavilion.

Choza De Margarita - Chicharrones
Image by Disney

Small bites:  Although there are only a few options for food on this menu, they look to be really incredible.  Here they serve tasty beef empanadas, grilled pork tacos, and guacamole served with flour chicharrones.

Choza De Margarita - Margarita and Tacos al Pastor
Image by Disney

Drinks:  There are three different kind of beers served: Cerveza Bohemia, Cerveza Pacivico, and Michelada.  Also served is Conga, a tasty non-alcoholic punch made with orange, pineapple, and grapefruit juices, perfect for a hot summer day!  The real stars of this eatery though are the margaritas!  They have three different kinds of frozen margaritas: Classic Lime, Passion Mango, and Wild Strawberry.  You can also get a Fiesta Margarita which is a combo of all 3!  Their three signature margaritas, which are all served on the rocks, are hand crafted concoctions of unique flavors that seem simply divine: Lime Cucumber, Acan Grapefruit, and Guava Pink Pep

So next time you’re wondering through Mexico looking for something unique to eat and drink stop by and give this place a try!

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