Story of Mickey Mouse Ears

The Story of Mickey Mouse Ears!

When most people think Disney, one thing comes to mind, Mickey Mouse!  After all, it all started with a mouse!  With numerous television shows, movies, and of course 11 different theme parks around the world there are so many ways for fans to celebrate Mickey Mouse!  One of my personal favorite ways is to don a pair of Mickey Mouse ears or Minnie Mouse ears, but how did this quintessential accessory come to be?

It All Started With The “Big Mooseketeer!”

On October 3, 1955, the world was introduced to a brand new variety show called the Mickey Mouse Club!  This was an hour-long fun-filled show that aired every weekday afternoon on the ABC Network and was a combination of musical acts, cartoons, and comedy skits hosted by kids of various ages.

The original show lasted for four seasons and had a cast of 39 Mouseketeers most famously Annette Funicello and Roy Williams, who played “Big Roy” or as Walt Disney himself dubbed him the “Big Mooseketeer.”  It was Roy who created the now iconic Mickey Mouse ears worn by the cast of the show.

Roy Williams
Image by D23

Before he started working for Walt Disney, Roy saw the 1929 animated short Karnival Kid where Mickey Mouse speaks his first words “Hot dogs! Hot dogs!”  Some speculate this may have led to the invention of the “Hot Dog” song in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television show (May 5, 2006 – November 6, 2016) aimed at preschoolers, but I digress.

Karnival Kid
Image by The Walt Disney Studio

Many believe that this movie short inspired Roy to create the Mickey Mouse ears hat!  In this short, Mickey Mouse tips his ears literally by removing them from his head, as a sweet gesture to say hello to the beautiful Minnie Mouse standing before him.  It was this scene many believe that led to the invention to arguably the most popular Mickey Mouse accessory ever, donned by kids for over 50 years, the Mickey Mouse ears hat.

Ears For All

With the huge success of the Mickey Mouse Club, the Mickey Mouse ear hats were replicated for guests to purchase at Disneyland Park by Benay-Albee Novelty Co. and became super popular with guests of all ages.  Product developers introduced a line of golden ears for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland Park and a new era was born!  Since then specially designed ears have been all the craze!

C-3PO Ears Hat
Image by Shop Disney Parks

Now guests from all over the world can wear Mickey Mouse ears that come in hat or headband form in almost any color and Disney character!  From Mickey Mouse to C-3PO there is sure to be a hat just for you!

Everything’s Coming Up Rose Gold

In 2017 Disney started a movement with the release of the rose gold and millennial pink sequined Minnie Mouse ears headband and matching spirit jerseys, which inspired rose gold and millennial pink snacks and drinks to debut at the parks.  Now you can wander around Disney World or Disneyland with a pink cupcake, milkshake, or champagne all while rocking your pink Minnie Mouse ears headband and matching spirit jersey!

Millennial Pink Rose Gold
Images by Disney

Whether you like to top off your look in the parks with the traditional Mickey Mouse ears or the Instagram-worthy millennial pink Minnie Mouse ears headband, it seems like the ears are more popular than ever before!

You can purchase a variety of Mickey Mouse ears and Minnie Mouse headbands at Disney Parks or online at Disney stores.  Drop us a comment below and let us know about your favorite pair of M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-Ears!

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