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New Info on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Released at Star Wars: Galactic Nights

The Star Wars: Galactic Nights event was held on Sunday, May 27, 2018. There were many fun activities that guests were able to experience at this event. At the panel discussion, guests were delighted with new details and information on the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge coming to Disney World and Disneyland in 2019.

Village Name at Planet Batuu

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Black Spire Outpost
Image by Disney

As you may already know, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set on the planet of Batuu, which is a remote outpost on the galaxy’s edge. We learned the village that visitors will visit at Batuu is named Black Spire Outpost.

Black Spire Outpost is the largest settlement area on the planet of Batuu. It is a popular outpost for adventurers, traders, and smugglers traveling around the Outer Rim and Wild Space. This outpost became a haven for the galaxy’s most colorful and notorious characters!

Black Spire Outpost is known for the remains of its towering ancient trees. The spires stand guard across the river valleys and plains of this land. These spires became the heart of the outpost to its settlers and a landmark to its visitors.

Life Sized AT-ATs and Ships

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge AT-AT
Image by Disney

Two life-sized, built to scale AT-ATs will be located at Black Spire Outpost. Park guests will be mesmerized at the sight of these AT-ATs! Black Spire Outpost will also have a full size ship that is being built for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This is in addition to the Millennium Falcon that will be an attraction ride at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Loth-Cats and Other Creatures

Star Wars Galaxys Edge - Tooka Loth-Cat
Image by Star Wars

Creatures from the Star Wars cartoons and films will be seen at Star Wars Galaxys Edge. Visitors will be able to purchase and bring home some of the iconic creatures seen on cartoons and films. These will be located at a creature stall marketplace of Black Spire Outpost.

One of the creatures that will be available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the Loth-Cat. Fans may be familiar with Loth-Cats from Star Wars Rebels. But one of the coolest news revealed at Star Wars: Galactic Nights is that the Walt Disney Imagineering team are working on bringing the Loth-Cat to life! We cannot wait to see the finished product!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be an immersive land that will make you feel like you stepped into a Star Wars film. We cannot wait to step foot in Black Spire Outpost and become part of the story!

Read more of what is to come at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World and Disneyland 2019.  We will update our site as new information becomes available.

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