6 Handy Items to Bring to Disney

6 Handy Items to Pack for a Disney Vacation!

6 Handy Items to Pack for a Disney Vacation!

Packing for a Disney Vacation doesn’t have to be a lot of work. There are many items you absolutely need to pack like your clothes and toiletries. But I bet you never thought to bring some of these other handy items!

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Disposable Shower Caps

I know what you’re thinking, disposable shower caps seem like a typical item someone would bring on any vacation for showering, but we don’t use them for that! We put shower caps around our flip-flops and water shoes that we pack in our luggage to keep the rest of our clothes clean. They take up almost no room and stretch to fit almost any kind of shoe!

Pop-up Hamper

Spending a week in a hotel room with a family of 5 can get messy very quickly. My kids can go through a few changes of clothes a day, and we used to end up with shopping bags full of dirty clothes scattered throughout our room. Pop-up hampers help keep all of our dirty clothes in one spot and help keep the room looking clean!

Powdered Coffee Creamers

We start our Disney vacation days off very early and usually go to bed pretty late. Thank goodness most resort hotel rooms on Disney properties have coffee makers! The mousekeeping staff will fill up your supplies and give you extra coffee or tea packets if you ask nicely. Usually the little packets of creamers that come with the sugar and coffee stirrers are never enough for me. We bring a few travel size packets of our favorite coffee creamers that don’t take up much space in our suitcases.

Scotch Tape

Although Disney does supply shampoo and other toiletries for its guests I still like to bring a few of my own. My biggest fear traveling is having the lid come off of a container of hair spray and have it leak all over my suitcase! I started taping down anything that had a lid and it really gives me peace of mind. You could also use it to close a bag of chips or to decorate your windows as many people like to do..its uses are endless!


Originally designed for Fitbits, Bitbelts have been repurposed by guests of Disney World who wear MagicBands to help keep them from falling off your wrist. They come in a variety of colors and work great to keep your band securely on whether riding rollercoasters or while in the pool.

Folding Shopping Bag

This is one item we never regret bringing on vacation!  This little bag folds up and can even hook on your belt.  When you are ready to use it, simply unfold and fill with all of those souvenirs you simply couldn’t live without!

We hope that this list of handy items helps you have a better Disney Vacation. For more tips check out our other posts!

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