Redd Pirate Coming to Disneyland Park

Ahoy mateys!  Arr-riving to Disneyland park on Friday, June 8, 2018, is the new pirate known as Redd!  Redd is known for traveling the seas which she calls home.  She travels around the Caribbean selling rum and collecting coin.  She is known for her bravery and fierce attitude.

Redd Pirate - New Orleans Square
Image by Disney

But this summer she will make stop at New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park.  Guests visiting Disneyland Park will get to see Redd and even interact with her!  She’s looking for new ship mates.  Word is that she’s also looking for Captain Jack Sparrow!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Redhead Auction Scene
Redhead Auction Scene on Pirates of the Caribbean

Redd replaced the “we wants the redhead” in the auction scene of Pirates of the Caribbean attraction on all Disney parks.  Guests will soon see Redd in the new scene at Disneyland Park when Pirates of the Caribbean re-opens.

So, keep an eye out for Redd if you’re visiting Disneyland Park this summer.  Ye want to talk like a pirate arr-round her!


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