Pirates of the Caribbean is now open at Disneyland Park

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Park re-opened today, June 8, 2018!  The attraction had been closed for refurbishment since April 2018.  One of the major changes to the ride is the removal of the bride auction scene.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Disneyland Park
Image by Disney

The new scene features Redd, a new pirate, who is in charge of auctioning the townspeople’s possessions and goods.  You can learn more about Redd here.  Redd will be stopping by New Orleans Square this summer.

Redd Pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean
Image by Disney

Another new addition that many will notice is a transition scene.  Pirates of the Caribbean consists of two acts:  Act 1 shows the dead pirates and Act 2 shows how the pirates lived.  The new scene perfectly transitions between acts at Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

As guests approach the scene, where the waterfall projection used to be, they will notice a pirate, caught in a booby trap, who long past attempting to steal the treasure.  But as you pass this pirate you will see the pirate transition back to life!  How cool!

Also, guests may recognize the original audio track that speaks of the curse of the treasure!  What a cool throwback!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Transition Scene
Image by Disney

What do you think of these new changes? Let us know and come back soon!


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