Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land!

The newest land has finally opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land!  Here guests are shrunk down to the size of a toy and get to play with all of the toys in Andy’s backyard.  All of that playing is bound to work up an appetite!  So where do guests go when they want a bite to eat or drink?  Woody’s Lunch Box of course!


Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich
Image by Disney

Up first is the Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich.  Its has smoked turkey, eggs, swiss cheese, green peppers, and onions on sourdough bread.  Price is $7.49 + tax for adults.  This sandwich also comes as a kid’s meal with a half sandwich, potato barrels, mandarin orange, and choice of beverage for $5.49 + tax.

Breakfast Bowl
Image by Disney

Next is the Breakfast Bowl.  This hearty bowl is bound to fill up even the hungriest little toy!  Filled with a well-rounded portion of potato barrels doused in smoked brisket country gravy, scrambled eggs, and topped off with green onions.  Price is $8.49 + tax for adults.  The kid’s meal comes with potato barrels and a mandarin orange for $5.49 + tax.

S'more French Toast Sandwich
Image by Disney

For anyone who has begged their mom to have dessert for breakfast will absolutely love the S’more French Toast Sandwich.  The bread is a grilled brioche soaked in custard and encrusted with graham cracker crumbs. It is stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate ganache!  YUM!  Price is $7.99 + tax for adults.  The kid’s meal comes with a half sandwich, potato barrels, mandarin orange, and choice of beverage for $5.99 + tax.

Lunch & Dinner

For lunch and dinner there are so many tasty options available!  First up the entrées!

UPDATE:  The Monte Cristo with Raspberry Jam sandwich has been removed from Woody’s Lunch Box menu.  It was also removed from mobile ordering.  No word at this time if a new item will replace this sandwich or if it’s a permanent downsizing of the menu.

Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Image by Disney

The Smoked Turkey Sandwich features thick-sliced smoked turkey breast, topped with lettuce and tomato with dijonnaise spread served chilled on sunflower multigrain bread.  Price is $9.99 + tax for adults.  Pair this with the vegetable macaroni salad side for $2.99 + tax.  This sandwich also comes as a kid’s meal with a half sandwich, potato barrels, mandarin orange, and choice of beverage for $6.79 + tax.

Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich
Image by Disney

The Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich is a new twist on a classic American favorite.  Inside of the garlic buttered grilled artisan french bread is melted provolone and cheddar cheese along with cheddar cream cheese spread.  Price is $8.99 for adults.  Pair this with the tomato-basil soup for $3.69 + tax.  This sandwich also comes as a kid’s meal with a half sandwich, potato barrels, mandarin orange and choice of beverage for $5.99 + tax.

Image by Disney

The Totchos are also featured in Woody’s Lunch Box.  They are a combination of tater tots, beef & bean chili, and lotso cheese!  Sprinkled on top is green onions, tomatoes, and corn chips!  Price for this delicious meal is $8.99 + tax.


Also available are two very distinct yet tasty pastry tarts.

Lunch Box Tarts
Image by Disney

The Raspberry Lunch Box Tart is a stuffed pastry that is coated in strawberry fondant and crispy pearls and is filled with gooey raspberry marmalade!

The Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart is a stuffed pastry coated in maple fondant and topped with candied bacon and is filled with chocolate-hazelnut deliciousness!

Price for each Lunch Box Tart is $ 3.29 + tax.

Specialty Beverages

Along with the usual assortment of Coca-Cola products guests can purchase specialty beverages!

Ice Cream Float with Barq's Root Beer
Image by Disney

First up is the Ice Cream Float with Barq’s Root Beer made with and Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream.  Price is $4.99 + tax.

Mystic Portal Punch
Image by Disney

Next is Mystic Portal Punch!  It is a combination of Powerade Mountain Berry Blast joined with flavors of tangerine and lemon-lime.  Available in both a regular cup or a souvenir Alien Sipper this drink is sure to cool you down while you play with the other toy’s in Andy’s backyard!  Regular drink is $4.49 + tax.  Served in Alien souviner cup price is $16.19 + tax.

Adult Only Beverages

For the grown ups we have an assortment of beers including Blue Moon Belgian White Ale, Bud Light Lager, and Angry Orchid Crisp Hard Apple Cider in both 16 oz. and 22oz.

A summertime favorite, lemonade, is also available but with a kick!  The Grown-Up’s Lemonade is made with Odwalla lemonade, black cherry pureé, and Three Olives Cherry vodka.  Price is $9.25 + tax.

Mobile Ordering is available at Woody’s Lunch Box along with the 2018 Quick-Service Dining Plan, 2018 Dining Plan, and 2018 Deluxe Dining Plan!  There is so much to see, do, and eat at Toy Story Land!

These are some of the menu items available at Woody’s Lunch Box.  For the full menu offerings for Woody’s Lunch Box visit the Disney World site.

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