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8 Best Things About a Walt Disney World Vacation, As Told By an 8 Year Old

Everyone dreams of visiting and staying at Walt Disney World!  There is so much to do and see at the Disney Parks like the attractions, the foods, the characters, and more!  You immerse yourself in all of the magic that is Disney.

We love staying at Walt Disney World.  We plan which parks we’ll visit each day, make our dining reservations, and make our FastPass+ selections months in advance.  We include our kids so they feel involved in the planning of our WDW trip.

We enjoy just about everything of our vacations to WDW.  But what about our little Minnie?  We wanted to hear from her what she thought was the best things about a WDW vacation.  We asked our little Minnie to think about our latest Walt Disney World vacation and to make a list of the 8 best things about a Walt Disney World vacation.  This is her first post!

Meet our little Minnie!  She is 8 years old and she wants to tell you all about the 8 best things about a Walt Disney World vacation, as told through the eyes of an 8-year-old (some spelling and editing done by her mom and dad):

Aloha from the Polynesian Resort

8.  Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast!

Normally we ate eggs, pancakes, and fruit for breakfast but one day we had an early FastPass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train so we had to get to Magic Kingdom really early and we skipped breakfast!  We had a lot of snacks to use and my parents let me get a Mickey bar for breakfast.  It was so yummy!

7.  Seeing the Fireworks in Person

Happily Ever After

I have seen the fireworks on YouTube lots of times but in person is so awesome!  I really liked the fireworks at Magic Kingdom (Happily Ever After) it was so cool to see the projections on the castle.  My favorite part was when all of the characters were on the castle.  It was kind of loud sometimes but not for long.

6.  Going in the Pool

Going in the pool is so fun!  I like going in the pool at the Polynesian because it is relaxing.  It was fun to go on the slide but the line felt long because you have to wait.  I like seeing the fireworks at night in the pool.  It is so awesome!

5.  Looking for Pressed Penny Machines

Looking for the pressed penny machines was fun but were sometimes hard to find.  It was really cool to see the different designs.  The pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean) one was so cool.  It had a bunch of spectacular designs!

4.  Getting a Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo at Morocco Pavilion

Every time we go to Epcot we visit Morocco and my parents let me get a henna tattoo!  It  looks so cool and it lasted until the end of my trip.  The lady was really nice and it gave my dad a chance to get a margadrunker!  (She coined the word “margadrunker” by mashing “margarita” and “drunker”!)

3.  Looking for KidCot Stops

KidCot at Epcot

My parents let me get a passport this year at Epcot.  We bought it in Mexico and got to go to every country to get a stamp.  Some of the people wrote my name in their language.  They were really nice.  My favorite stamp is from Japan!

2.  Going on Fast Rides

Going on fast rides is so fun!  I liked two fast rides, one is Slinky Dog Dash!  We had a FastPass for Slinky and I was super excited to go on it even though it was raining!

Splash Mountain

The second one I liked is Splash Mountain!  It was my first time going on Splash Mountain.  I was so excited to go on it since the morning we got to Florida!  I wasn’t scared, but I think my Dad was!

1.  Meeting the Characters

Meet and Greet - Chip and Dale

Meeting the characters is really fun!  We met a few Disney characters on our last trip.  I was watching a movie about France (Impressions de France) and Princess Aurora came up behind me and said shhh!  We watched the movie together for a few minutes.  It was so cool!  I met Chip and Dale at Animal Kingdom and it was so fun!  My brother and I danced with them and it was the best thing of the vacation!  They are so funny!

Meet and Greet - Chewbacca

Chewy (Chewbacca) was fun too.  He saw I had on Chewy socks and had a Chewy doll and couldn’t believe it!  My mom didn’t like meeting Kylo Ren.  He chased her out of the room, we thought it was funny but my mom was scared!

So, there you have it – those are the 8 best things about a Walt Disney World vacation as told by an 8-year-old!

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