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How to Sprinkle a Little Bit of Disney Magic into Everyday Life!

Disney fan(atics) love to show their fondness of all things Disney, in and out of the parks.  How do you continue the Disney magic long after your vacation is over?  Here a few ways to sprinkle a little bit of that Disney magic into your everyday life!

Disney Homeware

One of the most common souvenirs from any vacation is a coffee mug.  Boy, does Disney sure have a lot of them!  You can pick up a mug featuring your favorite Disney ride, character, or movie at almost any gift shop on property and continue the fun at home!  Fill it with your favorite coffee, tea, soup, or ice cream and reminisce about that awesome vacation you had, even after its long over!

Coffee Mugs
Image by Disney

If mugs aren’t your thing, Disney has lots of housewares available for purchase!  Fill your home with plates, dish towels, even cookie jars to keep the Disney magic alive in well in any part of your home!

Pick up a Postcard

Speaking of souvenirs, one of my favorite things to do on a Disney vacation is shop for unique souvenirs only available in the parks.  They have some amazing pieces of art for sale, but often those pieces are too big to squeeze into my suitcase or completely out of my price range.  I realized on our last trip that many of the large art pieces for sale in the shops also came in postcard size!  We purchased some of our favorites and are going to frame them for our home!  They are often more affordable than many park souvenirs, easy to transport home and fun reminders of our trip!

Disney Gear and Wear

We enjoy wearing our Disney shirts, jerseys, socks, and more!  Over the years we have picked up great accessories and clothing at Disney Parks shops and at Shop Disney stores.  Disney has come out with great clothing designs and beautiful collections over the years including Spirit Jerseys, Dress Shop collection, Rose Gold and Millenial Pink, and more!

Recreate Your Favorite Meal

Refreshment Port - Food and Wine Festival
Image by Disney

On a recent trip we were lucky enough to score an advanced dining reservation (ADR) to one of the most beloved restaurants in Epcot, Le Cellier.  We absolutely fell in love with a Canadian comfort food, Poutine!  We routinely make this awesome delicacy at home, it is so easy and so tasty!

Have a Disney Movie Night

Many people have at least one favorite Disney movie that they can watch over and over again, looking at you Frozen!  But there are so many Disney movies that we have yet to see, specially classic movies.  We love to sit back on the couch and watch a Disney classic with the whole family!  For some treats we often have popcorn, ice cream, or milkshakes, just like you can get in the parks!

Watch Some Disney Vlogs!

We started watching Disney vlogs a few years ago while we were planning a Walt Disney World vacation with our children.  We were able to show our kids some of the attractions and they could see if it was something they wanted to ride before we made our FastPass+ selections!  There are some great vloggers out there making family friendly content that are so fun to watch!

Have a “Missing Disney Day”

Often times we get what many people call “the Disney blues.”  This term is most often used by people who long to go to the parks or their favorite resort, but are too far away to just pop over for the day.  We like to have a “missing Disney day” once in a while.  On these days we do Disney-like things.

Our favorite missing Disney day activity is going to the Disney outlet store!  They have great sales on so many different items, many that are only available in the parks!

Another thing we like to do on a “missing Disney day” is head to our local mall and grab a quick service meal from the food court!  Our local mall food court has Mexican, Chinese, typical American hot dogs and burgers, and lots of other foods that remind us of the World Showcase in Epcot!

There are so many different things to do on a missing Disney day, the possibilities are endless!

What do you like to do to sprinkle a little bit of Disney into your everyday life?   Let us know in the comments below!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and more (social media links at the top/bottom) for Disney news and updates!


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