Spaceship Earth Minnie Ears

Spaceship Earth Inspired Minnie Ears!

Epcot is a one-of-a-kind Disney theme park where you can go under the sea, up into space and around the world all in a few hours!  For many people, the best part of Epcot is visiting the 9 different countries in the World Showcase.  There are amazing attractions, restaurants, entertainment and, of course, shopping!  Now, guests visiting Epcot can buy Minnie Mouse ears with flag bows featuring four of the countries from the World Showcase, and Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth!


As guests enter World Showcase from Spaceship Earth, the first country they will come to on the left is Mexico!  The Mexico Pavilion made it’s debut on Epcot’s opening day, October 1, 1982.

The pavilion features three restaurants, two bars, live entertainment, a Donald Duck meet-n-greet, and the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros!  There is also some amazing shopping where guests can pick up ceramics, crystal figurines, and now these Minnie Mouse ears that are simply bellísima!

Mexico Minnie Ears
Image by Disney

Featuring the colors of the flag of Mexico these Minnie ears are super fabuloso!


As we make our way around the World Showcase the next country we come to that is selling flag-inspired ears is Germany!  The Germany Pavilion also opened on October 1, 1982.

The pavilion features one sit-down restaurant, one quick serve restaurant, a miniature village with a railroad, and a Snow White meet-and-greet!  There is also a ton of great shopping to be done here!  Guests can purchase German beer steins, teddy bears, cuckoo clocks, and now these wunderbar ears!

Germany Minnie Ears
Image by Disney

Featuring the colors of the flag of Germany, these Minnie ears are simply charmant!


Up next on our tour of the World Showcase countries selling the new Spaceship Earth Minnie ears is France!  The France Pavilion is another Epcot opening day pavilion, making its debut on October 1, 1982.

This pavilion features numerous dining experiences, sweet treats, street entertainment, a beautiful movie called Impressions de France, and coming to the pavilion before Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary in 2021, Ratatouille: The Adventure!  There is also top-notch shopping at this pavilion where guests can purchase little Eiffel Towers, paintings, perfumes, and these belle Minnie ears!

France Minnie Ears
Image by Disney

Featuring the colors of the flag of France, the Minnie ears are simply magnifique!

United Kingdom!

Last, but certainly not least on our tour of countries in the World Showcase that are carrying the new Spaceship Earth Minnie ears is the United Kingdom!  This pavilion also opened with Epcot on October 1, 1982.

This pavilion features the Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room, and the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  Guests can also hear live music from the British Revolution, join a sing along at the Rose & Crown Pub, and meet Alice from Alice in Wonderland!  There are shops where guests can purchase tea, Doctor Who and Beatles merchandise, as well as these brilliant Minnie ears!

United Kingdom Minnie Ears
Image by Disney

Featuring the colors of the Union Jack, these Minnie ears are simply smashing!

That’s Not All…

These days with the popularity of social media sites like Twitter and Instagram you may see tons of people of all ages lining up to take pictures in front of a wall.  This new fad has taken Disney fans by storm and one of the most popular walls in all of Walt Disney World Resort is the “Bubble Gum Wall.”

The “Bubble Gum Wall” is located at both exits of Spaceship Earth.  On numerous occasions we’ve quickly exited this attraction only to bump into a line of people waiting to take their photo!  This brightly colored wall features two shades of pink and a bright blue stripe, and has become a staple of social media profile pics!  These new “Bubble Gum Wall” Minnie Ears are so cute, they are sure to pop off the shelves!  (See what we did there!)

Bubble Gum Wall Minnie Ears
Image by Disney

These “Bubble Gum Wall” Minnie Ears are so adorable, you’ll have everyone hitting the “Like” button!

We absolutely love all of the Epcot Spaceship Earth inspired Minnie ears and hope they will add all of the countries in the future!  There are also amazing Instagram-worthy walls over the entrance of The Land and the “Toothpaste” wall at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion that would make amazing Minnie ears!

What is your favorite set of Minnie ears?  Will you collect them all?

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