Pin Trading at Walt Disney World 2019

Our Experience Pin Trading at Walt Disney World!

We have visited Walt Disney World many times over the last few years and with each visit we try to do something we haven’t done before.  This year we decided to do pin trading around Walt Disney World!

Getting Started

My daughter and I knew we wanted to try pin trading on our most recent Walt Disney World vacation.  My husband and son didn’t seem too interested in joining in on the fun.  So, we decided to go out on our own to get our supplies.

We started by taking a trip to our local Disney Outlet Store to see what kind of pins they had.  We found pins featuring some of the Disney Princes on clearance!  Next, we knew we wanted to wear lanyards to display our pins but the Disney Outlet Store had none in stock.  We went to Five Below and picked up some lanyards.  The 2 sets of pins were $8.99 + tax each and the two lanyards were $5.00 + tax each!

Official Disney Prince Pins Set
Image by shopDisney

While we thought these were super cute pins, neither one of us had an attachment to any of them.  They were something we could part with if we found something more up our alley!  We put all of our pins on our lanyards and packed them alongside our Minnie Mouse Potion Purple Ear headbands!  We couldn’t wait to be on vacation and start trading!

Pin Trading Rules

The rules for pin trading are very simple.  They are printed on the back of official starter set lanyards.  Disney cast members will also explain the rules to you if it’s your first time pin trading!  Some of the more important rules are:

  • Guests may trade a maximum of 2 pins per cast member, per day.
  • Disney cast members will accept official Disney pins.  Some cast members will check the pins to confirm they are official Disney pins.  Keep this in mind if purchasing pins online.
  • When trading with a cast member, guests should offer a pin that is not currently displayed on their lanyard/board.
  • When handing a pin to a cast member always place the pin face down on their palm for safety.
  • Money or gifts cannot be exchanged or used in trade for a pin.

Cast members with lanyards will enforce the “no duplicate pins” rule.  They’ll politely tell you that they already have the pin you’re offering and ask if you can trade another.  However, cast members with pin boards may be lenient to this rule as we found duplicates on various pin boards!  There may be too many pins on the board to easily spot a duplicate.

Our First Trade!

When we arrived at our resort (BoardWalk Inn) it was about 10:30 AM and our room wasn’t ready yet.  We dropped our bags off at Bell Services and headed off to Epcot to grab some lunch!  On our way we realized that we left our lanyards (and our Minnie Mouse ear headbands) with Bell Services!  Although we couldn’t trade, we took this opportunity to look at the cast members’ lanyards to get some ideas as to what pins we could trade for.

The following day we headed to Hollywood Studios with our Minnie Mouse ears headbands and lanyards around our necks.  After using up our FastPasses we decided to head back to the resort and go to the pool.  To this point we had yet to trade any pins.  Of course, once we made it back to the resort it started to rain.  That’s your typical Florida summer afternoon!

I decided to explore the gifts shops on the BoardWalk Inn.  I went to the Screen Door General Store on the boardwalk.  After looking around for a bit I saw they had a very large pin board on display!  I asked the cast member how much longer she was going to have the display out and she said about another half hour.  So, I ran upstairs to grab my daughter and down we went to the gift shop!  We were finally going to do our first trade!

We walked up to the cast member and waited our turn at the elusive pin board.  She asked us if we knew the rules, I told her yes but this was our very first trade.  She was so kind, she was so excited for us and made sure we got the pins we wanted before we moved on!  I asked my daughter if pin trading was fun and she said “Oh yeah!  I can’t wait to trade all of my pins!”  That was all it took, from that moment on we were hooked!

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