Disney;s BoardWalk Inn Resort

Disney World’s BoardWalk Inn Room and Resort Review

Room Review

While we thought the room was nice and a great size for our family of four, there were certain things that we didn’t like about this particular room versus other rooms we have stayed at in other Disney resorts.

  • The standard room sleeps up to 5 people comfortably.  Our room had two queen-sized beds and a sofa bed.
BoardWalk Inn Resort - Sofa Bed
BoardWalk Inn Resort – Sofa Bed
  • The outlet between the two beds was a standard outlet without USB ports.  There were 4 USB ports on the TV stand across the room.

BoardWalk Inn Resort - Queen-Sized Beds

  • The coffeemaker was on top of the refrigerator unit about 4 feet off the ground.  At 5 feet tall, it was hard to use as I could barely see where I was pouring the water to make coffee in the mornings!
  • On our second day the “mousekeepers” only stocked us with decaf coffee!  I don’t know about you, but I need at least one good cup of strong coffee to get me through a day at a Disney park!  Luckily, I brought along some instant coffee just in case!  After that day they only gave us 2 caffeinated K-cups a day so we ended up using all of the instant coffee I brought with us for the rest of the trip.
  • The bathroom door had an unusual lock that was very annoying to use.  You have to turn a small handle while sliding the door against the door frame in order to properly lock it.  If you have a hard time with dexterity or have a small child then this lock will be a nightmare.

BoardWalk Inn - Bathroom Lock

  • Sharing the lone sink inside the bathroom meant everyone took a little longer to get ready.  If someone was in the shower with the door locked no one else could enter the bathroom.  Plus, it was a foot away from the front door so you couldn’t just leave the door open.  The sliding door would slide open if not locked.  Anyone entering or leaving the room would be able to see directly into the bathroom!

BoardWalk Inn Resort - Bathroom View

  • The water pressure on the shower head was so strong!  If you like a strong shower head then this is for you!  The water came out very fast and it got all over the bathroom floor a couple of times.  The water handle controlled the water temperature only.
  • The walls in the room seemed very thin.  On most nights we got to the room at 10 PM, showered, and got ready for bed.  We didn’t hear noises from either side of the walls early on in the vacation.  Halfway through the vacation a family got the room next to us.  We could hear them laughing, talking, yelling, and even using the hair dryer past midnight.  We could even hear people’s footsteps in the room above us in the early morning.  Luckily for us, we brought a small white noise maker that we never leave without and helped block noise from next door neighbors.

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Resort Review

First, let’s go over the things we liked and disliked about Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Resort.

There are many reasons why we liked Disney’s BoardWalk Inn including:

  • Convenience!  The BoardWalk Inn is located near the rear entrance to Epcot!  The International Gateway entrance to Epcot was rarely busy, unlike the front entrance of Epcot.
    • In the mornings, you can get breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in the France pavilion.
    • You can grab a quick lunch and take it back to your resort.  One day we returned from Hollywood Studios to our resort to cool down and recharge.  My daughter and I got lunch on the boardwalk, but my husband and son were craving fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot.  They were back in 15 mins with their food still warm!
  • The pool bar, Leaping Horse Libations, had great drinks, free water, and a bathroom so we didn’t have to leave the pool area.  The pool was rarely busy and there were always lounge chairs around the pool.
  • Having the Friendship boats as an alternative form of transportation to get to Epcot and Hollywood Studios was very convenient.  My husband suffered an unexpected knee injury before our trip and taking the boat was easier for him.  Plus, why not save your energy for the parks?

The following are the reasons why we disliked Disney’s BoardWalk Inn:

  • There is no food court/quick service restaurant or a place to refill your refillable mugs inside the resort.  You have to go to the boardwalk to pick up a bite.  The BoardWalk Bakery is the closest location, but it’s not a grab-and-go and lines can get long in the mornings and evenings.
  • The sliding bathroom door and lock were annoying to deal with!  You have to lock it or it slides open.  The bathrooms can definitely use an upgrade to double sinks.

BoardWalk Inn Resort - Bathroom

  • As mentioned earlier, the walls are thin and we could hear the people next to us.  The walls are thin at this resort compared to other resorts we have stayed on Walt Disney World property.
  • Our room was located towards the end of the hallway in the 3rd floor at the BoardWalk Inn.  We had to take the elevator and then walk the long hallway to the end, which was fine.  There is a stairway at the end of the hallway which takes you to the garden area in the rear of the resort.  There’s no easy access to the boardwalk or the bus stop.
  • There is no cover on the dock for the BoardWalk Inn & Villas.  When it rains, as it often does in Florida, you will get wet when waiting for the Friendship boat.  However, the boats will stop service during thunderstorms.  You will have to take a bus from and to the resort.  We left Hollywood Studios after a passing storm and had to take a bus back to the resort as the boats were not running.  Just as we arrived at the resort we saw the boats running again!
  • The bus stop to take guests to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, and the water parks can get full in the mornings.  It’s a scramble to board the bus as some people don’t respect who’s around them or who’s standing in line to board the bus.  It would be nice if resorts implemented a queue at the bus stops like they have at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and the parks.

Everything considered we enjoyed our stay at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Resort.  We really liked being so close to Epcot and having the freedom to enter the park anytime.  There was no crowd congestion exiting Epcot at the International Gateway.

Would we stay there again?  Probably not, at least not anytime soon.  We visit the New Jersey shore often where I grew up and this resort didn’t feel like a vacation spot to us.  Besides, we have other resorts on our bucket list and really want to return to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort!  Have you stayed at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Resort?  If so, what did you think?  We would really love to hear from your experience!

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